Welcome to Kilimanjaro
Institute of Health Sciences Arusha

We specialize in provision and promote health service at primary and peripheral level of health facilities through health and allied sciences teachings.

Our Vision

The Vision of the College is “the standard bearer for world-class
innovation and entrepreneurial College education”.

Our Mission

The College shall provide higher and advanced vocational, technical, industrial,technological and professional education and training in industries and technology,which prepares students for lives of professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world.


Mr. Kweka, Deputy Principal

Welcome Note From Deputy Principal

Greetings and welcome Kilimanjaro Institute of Health Sciences Arusha. We sincerely thank you for choosing to be part of our community. We are delighted that you are following us on various media, including this website. This website provides you with relevant information about the Institution. It describes a range of programs and courses offered in our departments.

Being a premier institution is dedicated to provide the best possible environment for teaching and learning as well as doing research, consultancy and public service. Our brand reputation is always of excellence and we will always strive to remain the forerunners of quality education programs and courses. As you surf across our website, you will find news of events at the institution.

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What We Provide

The Kilimanjaro Institute of Health Sciences in Arusha offers a diverse range of programs designed to prepare students for careers in the health sciences. Located in Arusha, Tanzania, the institute is known for its quality education and practical training in fields such as social services, pharmaceutical sciences, and medical laboratory sciences.


04 + Years Of



Some Of Reason For Choose

Choosing the Kilimanjaro Institute of Health Sciences in Arusha offers several compelling reasons for prospective students seeking quality education and professional development in the health sciences.

Modern Facilities

The institute likely offers modern facilities, laboratories, and resources essential for comprehensive learning and research in the health sciences.

Quality Education

Known for its commitment to academic excellence, the institute provides rigorous training and practical learning experiences essential for future healthcare professionals.

Practical Training

Programs include hands-on training and clinical experiences, ensuring students are well-prepared for real-world challenges in their respective fields.

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Our Dedicated Staff

The professional staff at Kilimanjaro Institute of Health Sciences in Arusha comprises experienced individuals dedicated to providing quality education and support to students pursuing careers in the health sciences.

Mr. Kweka
Deputy Principal

Introduce Our Gallery

GALLERY at the Kilimanjaro Institute of Health Sciences in Arusha is likely a dedicated facility or department that focuses on postgraduate education and research within the health sciences field.


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